Join us on September 11th at RTS for a night of political engagement, both local and historical.  Talks are from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Oakland’s Cultural Affairs Manager, Roberto Bedoya, will share the city’s new Cultural Plan and equity initiatives. Bedoya oversees the city’s Cultural Affairs Unit, housed in the Department of Economic and Workforce Development. The unit includes the city’s public art program, which has more than $1 million in funds currently dedicated for public art projects, and the cultural funding program, which provides more than $900,000 in grants to support the arts. With the city’s Cultural Affairs Commission currently inactive, Bedoya will lay out what’s next for the city of Oakland’s art and artists. Bring questions!

Afterward, artist in residence Lauren Marie Taylor will share the project that she has been working on, reflecting on the history of leftist struggle and fight for the social imaginary. What can be learned from global struggles like that of Chile after the fascist coup of 1973? How does a movement survive the dissolution of a dream and resist the desire to sleep it off?

Snacks and drinks will be available and feel free to bring something to share.

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