AUG/SEPT RESIDENT: Maria Schumacher

August 11, 2015

RTS is pleased to welcome Maria Schumacher as our Aug/Sept artist in residence.

Maria Schumacher´s paintings are references of the painting process itself. Marks, residues and gestures in different states and layers constitute the imagery.

She received her MFA (Diploma) in Fine Arts / Painting from Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) Leipzig with Neo Rauch and H.C. Ottersbach in Germany. Maria was a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship as well as of a San Francisco Art Institute Merit Scholarship which gave her the opportunity to do her first MFA year at SFAI, San Francisco. Maria received in 2014 the project grant `All for the wall` from the state Saxony (KdFS).

Maria currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

Maria will be presenting her work in a solo show, “In A Spiral”, at City Limits.  Exhibition runs from August 28th to September 26th.  Opening reception is August 28th, 7pm to 11pm.

Image: `Tiger Panties´, oil on canvas, 75 x 100 cm, 2015

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July 24, 2015

RTS presents artist talks from two artists in residence: Rachel Higgins + Nick Lally.  Come join us on Wednesday, July 29th from 7pm to 9pm.

During her time at RTS, Rachel is researching water issues in the Bay Area and through photographs, drawing, and sculpture, exploring individual attempts to address systemic problems of physics, politics, natural and man-made catastrophe.

Nick Lally is an artist, geographer, and computer programmer currently based in Madison, WI, formerly a studio member at RTS. During his stay here, he is researching the history of the space, thinking about various kinds of automation, collecting ephemera from the area, documenting change in its many forms, and imagining what it means to see like a machine.

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June 23, 2015

Join us Monday, June 29th from 7 – 9 PM for a conversation between May/June resident Will Rogan and Julian Myers-Szupinska.  During his residency at Real Time and Space, Rogan created a body of work utilizing a set of civil war era dominos.

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Save the Date! RTS Fundraiser and Open Studios on July 25th!

June 01, 2015

Save the date for our first ever RTS Fundraiser and Open Studios on July 25th, from noon to 5pm!  Come browse and buy art from RTS members past and present.  There will be food and drink too! We can’t wait to see you!

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April 13, 2015

Real Time and Space presents two artist talks on April 14th, 7pm.

Nicolás Bacal is the current RTS resident, traveling from Buenos Aires.

Chris Kallmyer is an artist that works with sound and spaces.

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April 10, 2015

Nicolás Bacal (Buenos Aires, 1985) is a musician and visual artist; he graduated in electroacoustic music composition from the National University of Quilmes, Argentina. He has done several workshops and training programs in visual arts at the Fundación Telefónica and Centro Cultural Rojas. Since 2007 he has worked as a visual artist. He has been a fellow at the Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas (2009), the artists’ program from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2012) and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, USA (2014).

He has had solo exhibitions in Buenos Aires (gallery Alberto Sendros; 2008, 2010 and 2012), Paris (JTM Gallery in 2009 and Gb Agency in 2013) and Sao Paulo (gallery Vermelho in 2013). In 2011 he participated in the 12th Istanbul Biennial and in 2013 in the 9th Mercosul Biennial.

He is currently a professor at the National University Tres de Febrero.

Nicolás lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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March 17, 2015

March 27th, 7pm

Real Time and Space presents talks (finally!) by two former artists-in-residence, Sofía Cordova and Christian Nagler.

Born in 1985 in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Sofía Córdova received her BFA from St. John’s University in Queens, NY in 2006, and her MFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2010. Though Sofía Córdova began her career as a photographer, her work has expanded to include performance, video, and installation. She has performed at SFMOMA, SomArts and Galeria De La Raza among others. Her work has been exhibited at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, AMOA/Art House, Southern Exposure, Queen’s Nails, The International Center of Photography as well as other venues internationally. She was awarded the 2014-2015 Kala Fellowship and her work is part of Pier 24’s permanent collection.

Christian Nagler is a performer, writer and translator. He has performed with Anna Halprin, Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki and Open Experiments Ensemble. His work has recently been presented at the Berkeley Art Museum, Headlands Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, and the Kadist Foundation. His novel The Capitalist, is forthcoming in 2014. His writing can recently be found in Fillip, Six Lines of Flight (UC Press), Somatic Engagement (Chainlinks Books) Encyclopedia, Aufgabe, and Performance Research. He has translated works by the political economist Alberto Masferrer, as well as writings by the contemporary novelist Horacio Castellanos Moya and psychoanalytic theorist Heriberto Yépez. He currently teaches writing and new genres at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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March 16, 2015



Real Time & Space is happy to present an evening of talks from Chicago-based RTS residents Alex Chitty (February) and Puppies Puppies (March).

Alex Chitty
Born = Miami, 1979
Lives = Chicago (mostly)
BFA = Smith College, 2001
MFA = School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2008

Puppies Puppies
“Woof woof Puppies Puppies woof woof woof, woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof woof. Woof, woof woof woof woof woof woof woof – woof woof, woof woof woof woof woof, woof woof woof woof. Woof woof, Woof Woof woof Woof, woof Woof Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof.”


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February 18, 2015

The RTS Residency for May 2015 through March 2016 will be selected by a nomination process. After two successful years of open calls, RTS is taking stock of all aspects of the residency program and wider studio management. We hope to unveil the new RTS in the coming months. In the mean time, we hope you can join us at RTS for our public programming events and RTS Talks series which will continue unchanged.
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February 08, 2015












Potlucks for Gathering People and Data

A Compensation Foundation Survey Rally
Tuesday, February 10, 6-8pm

RTS will partner with The Present Group to host one of a series of potlucks taking place at organizations and individual homes throughout the Bay Area. To quote one of the organizers, artist and RTS resident alum, Helena Keeffe, about this project; “With the goal of 1000-1500 new reports, we’re aiming to gather people in the name of increased transparency in the arts, to break bread and collectively create a new resource for visual artists’ advocacy.”

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February 01, 2015

RTS would like to welcome Chicago based artist Alex Chitty as our February resident. Here’s what Alex has to say about her work and how she plans to spend her time at the studio:

“Sometimes when you’re watching a movie on your laptop and there’s a part that’s darkly lit, the screen reflects your face like a mirror and you end up watching a reflection of your face super-imposed over the movie. It’s not that you forgot you were watching a movie; it’s just that up until that moment, you forgot you physically existed.  And because the story swallowed you up, you forgot the screen existed too.  It’s easy to forget about the surface of the screen and all the lit up pixels that work to get the story across.  I’ve been trying to notice those systems that you become so accustomed to using or being a part of that you no longer see them anymore.

At RTS I’ve begun working on a series of pieces I’ve been referring to as Structure Ptgs.  I’ve been thinking about them for over a year and am excited to have the chance to expand on the idea.  Loosely, I am thinking of them as a type of compressed shelf or wall tray that holds a composition via a sequence of photographs, gestures, and objects both made and found.”

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January 21, 2015

Please join us this Thursday, January 22nd at 7pm for talks by Kerry Downey and Zoe Tuck. In line with RTS TALKS tradition, Downey and Tuck will present work and discuss their practices.

Kerry Downey, RTS resident artist for January, makes videos, sculptures and other work about places, bodies and the things between them.

Zoe Tuck is a poet. “Born in Texas, Zoe Tuck has been a participant in the Bay Area literary scene since 2008: she co-curated the Condensery Reading Series in Oakland and worked at Small Press Distribution for many years.”

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January 05, 2015

RTS is pleased to welcome our January resident Kerry Downey who is based in New York City.

The body is an index of experiences, full of ruptures, sensations, needs and desires.  Embodiment is always an “in-relation-to” phenomenon; we are forever entangled in our environment.  Figure is to ground as body is to site, to situation, and also to support.  Downey’s videos, prints, and drawings explore the boundaries, possibilities and limitations of care, intimacy, and what it means to be healthy in capitalist America.  Private feelings bleed unpredictably into the rug, your neighbor, and the surrounding landscape.  Downey explores images, objects, places, and characters using uncertainty and desire as forms of defiance to the values of knowledge, independence, and privilege.

While in residence at RTS, Downey will  be figuring out how to make drawings and DIY prints that somehow contain the feeling of the place through her body. How can color, shape, or a somatic impression tell a story about a political moment?

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January 01, 2015

Saturday, January 3rd, 7pm

Dena Beard, new director of The Lab, will present alongside current RTS resident Ashley Carter.

Read an interview in White Fungus with Beard here: interview-lab-executive-dir ector-dena-beard
See documentation of some of Carter’s work here:

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December 01, 2014

Real Time and Space is pleased to welcome New York based Ashley Carter as our December resident. Ashley’s sculptures record and suspend moments of dislocation in materials, images, space and perception. While in residence, Ashley is experimenting with new body of work and preparing for an upcoming show in New York.

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October 13, 2014

Please join Real Time and Space for artist talks by current artist-in-residence Anna Sagström and studio member James Sterling Pitt. October 14th, 7pm.


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RTS is pleased to welcome Anna Sagström joining us from Berlin/Stockholm. Anna’s work centres around materiality, sound and tempo – often with (pop) cultural references. By bringing together moments of the present with memories of the past, she wishes to make apparent the constant fluctuations of our everyday lives, whether be it time, emotions or distance – to other people or what we perceive as history. The work often employs different music genres and thinks about sound in a both tactical and audiological way.

Anna plans to use the time at RTS to research the role of sound in contemporary biopolitics – how a sonic vocabulary of war and chaos is being used as a mechanism for organizing society, in everything from Nike football commercials to contemporary pop music. She’s also interested in researching how we can understand objects and materials through studies of vibration and patterns of movement and rest.

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September 29, 2014

Please join Real Time & Space for this week’s RTS Talks with presentations by RTS resident Jay Atherton, and San Francisco based artist Aaron Finnis.

TUESDAY, September 30th, at 7 PM 

Aaron Finnis uses industrially produced self-assembly furniture and minimalist painted patterns to transform the abstract materials of data recording—such as binary code and computer magnetic tape—into tangible objects. By making the computer datathat permeates our contemporary existence visible, Finnis alters our perception of the digital processes constantly at work around us.
Jay Atherton’s projects explore the perceptual edges of the ordinary–the moments unnoticed. The quotidian sequence by which one exists within the constructed environment is made observable by the passage of time, more specifically, by the presence of change. Informed by the agencies of site, i.e. sunlight, temperature, wind, darkness, etc., the durational value of any change lends itself to a range of memorable outcomes that vary from the exquisite to the banal. The spaces Atherton creates, from residences to art installations, focus on the relationship between time and site in order to shape human experience.
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September 22, 2014

On Tuesday, September 23rd, at 7 PM, current artist-in-residence Zachary Davis will be presenting with studio member Conrad Guevara.

Zachary Davis’ work comes out of an ongoing inquiry into the nature of sense, knowledge, and creaturehood, mixing formal and symbolic play with contemporary research into artificial intelligence. While in residence, Davis plans to use his time in the studio to experiment with new techniques for working with stone and epoxy resin, and to read about the western Enlightenment, the lineage of which structures much of what it is possible or rational to think today.

Conrad Guevara received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2013 and a BA at the College of Charleston, in beautiful Charleston, SC in 2008. Conrad is one third of Bonanza, a collaborative group with Lana Williams and Lindsay Tully, with whom he has exhibited at n/a gallery, ATA Window Gallery and The Old Mint. Conrad is also half of “FrancoGuevara” with C. Franco Maldonado, with whom he has exhibited at The THING Quarterly, SOMArts and The Lab.

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September 10, 2014

RTS Movie Night presents Smithereens

Hosted by Anastasia Pahules and Zoë Taleporos

Friday September 12th, 7pm

Smithereens (1982) is the debut feature of Susan Seidelman who later directed Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), She-Devil (1989), and other popular films. Throughout her career, Seidelman’s work has consistently explored female identity and feminine archetypes by focusing on lead characters that have unlikable qualities but remain endearing in some way. Smithereens marks the beginning of this trajectory by following the story of Wren, a young woman trying to make a name for herself in the creative scene of New York City in the early 1980s. Through a series of misguided relationships and actions, Wren’s journey portrays an abject quest for greatness and subsequent survival tactics seen particularly through a female lens.

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