Real Time and Space is excited to host Introduction to Latinx Artist Retreat in partnership with Open Engagement!  Join us on Sunday, May 1st at 12:30pm for this round table discussion centered on Latinx art communities. Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch!

Introduction to Latinx Artist Retreat is an artist-led effort to call a national convening of latinx artists, writers, scholars, and administrators for the purpose of building community and dialogue across cultures, regions, and mediums. As a self-organized project, The Latinx Artist Retreat would give latinx artist communities the opportunity to self-determine the means by which they are represented and supported organizationally. This introductory meeting is an opportunity for latinx peoples working in the arts to gather for the purpose of envisioning what a national gathering would look like and begin to share concerns. We welcome all latinx peoples and those working in latinx communities to attend.

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