Save the date for an archiving workshop with current artist in residence, Lexa Walsh! Join us on Jan 25th at 7pm!

Archiving Your Personal and Organizational Legacy: A Best Practices Workshop is a hands-on brainstorming and resource sharing workshop among artists and administrators to identify values and practices for archiving your personal and organizational legacies. How do artists and institutions take responsibility for archiving their practices in diverse formats so they can create a strong legacy to be understood and appreciated by contemporary and future audiences? What do we keep, and how do we store it? How do they honor all stakeholders? What about the embarrassing stuff? Participants hear about Walsh’s field research then gather in groups with a proposition of a future archive-based exhibition. By the end of the two-hour workshop, we will gather and share our long lists so we can take action.

Lexa Walsh is an artist and archivist based in Oakland, CA. She has worked directly with the archives of Oakland Museum of California for the shows We/customize and Twenty Years of Dias de los Muertos. She organized the archives and curated Intersection for the Arts’ 50 Year Anniversary Archive Show. Her de Young Artist Fellowship project, Mapping the Archive, was based on extensive research, site visits and interviews, including organizing Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s archives. She has presented workshops about archiving at the Open Engagement Conference, the Alliance of Artist Communities Conference, and at California College of the Arts.

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