Please join us for our first RTS Talk of 2018 with resident artist Torreya Cummings and Ven Voisey on February 20th!


Torreya Cummings uses an eclectic range of methods to investigate notions of history and place, complicated by memory and fiction. The work takes a variety of forms: sculptures may function as props; installations become sets for real or imagined activities, performances may become videos or photographs. Formally, she is interested in the double vision that happens when you can believe an illusion, but also see how it is constructed—and the inexact science of remakes, reenactments and reinterpretations. Conceptually, she works with the links between “irreconcilable differences”: urban and rural, gay and straight, natural and artificial.
Ven Voisey is a Oakland-based multi-disciplinary artist, working in sculpture, installation and sound. His practice, however, is unified by an overarching interest in communication — the possibility or impossibility of translation — between each other and one’s self, across circumstance and species, and through time and technology. Born in Richmond, CA, Voisey grew up in the East Bay Area of Northern California. In 2000, he received a BA from San Francisco State University in a self-designed major combining Humanities, Electronic music , Film, and Conceptual Art. He continued his education outside of school by working, touring and collaborating with kinetic sculpture and installation collective Amorphic Robot Works, building machines, learning electronics, and composing music.
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