RTS is excited to invite you to the SF Art Book Fair for our next artist talk this Sunday, July 23rd at 1pm in The Lounge at Minnesota Street Project. The talk will feature current RTS artist in residence Caroline Saves and RTS founder Emma Spertus. Caroline Saves and Emma Spertus will discuss their recent experience doing an inter-residency exchange between Real Time & Space, USA and Artistes en Residence, France. As it happens, Caroline and Emma share more than this residency exchange, they are both inspired by and utilize books and printed matter in their art works. Caroline plays with the dot matrix of printing and extraction of images in relation to her textile sculptures and installations. Emma embarks on a corporate modernism escapade, creating fictional paper companies to explore the poetics of paper ream design.

Caroline Saves is a French artist, she lives in Lyon, where she works at “Ateliers du Grand Large”.  She holds a BFA from the Pyrenean Art School of Pau (ESAP) and a MFA from Lyon Fine Art school (ENSBA).  She does sculptures, installations and editions.  Her work is focused on the questions of tenderness, desire, and attraction on the representation of familiar domestic environment.  She is also the founder of Jeu de reins/Jeu de vilains, a micro-exhibition place based on a pants back pocket.

Emma Spertus creates sculptures and architectural interventions that mine the visual language and design of “corporate modernism” — often merging two- and three-dimensional space in constructions that question common forms of representation and utility. Emma lives and works in Oakland.  She is founding director of Real Time & Space. She holds an MFA from Hunter College in New York. She has exhibited at Interface (Oakland), The Lab (San Francisco), Romer Young Gallery (San Francisco), Important Projects (Oakland), Stairwell’s (San Francisco), White Columns (New York),  Dorsky Gallery (New York), and City Limits (Oakland). She recently guest curated exhibitions at San Francisco City College Rosenberg Library and Hayes Valley Art Works.

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