rts_bouthotRTS is pleased to welcome our Feb/March 2016 resident, Daniel Bouthot!

Daniel Bouthot is a visual artist whose work draws from themes of American history, economics, production, and technophilia as they are framed within contemporary consumer culture. In recent projects that explore a fascination with digital tools, he has built sculptures that mine Bitcoin, hacked a CNC router to make it script the Declaration of Independence with a feather quill, and utilized a sharing economy platform to dispense beat poetry. His work has been described as crafty and minimalist in aesthetic with a dry wit that aspires towards the absurd. Working across a wide range of media including prints, sculpture, performance, and video, he has been shown nationally and internationally at venues including NYCAMS in New York, The Soap Factory in Minneapolis, SOMARTS in San Francisco and Fieldgate Gallery in London. He has a BFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in social practice from California College of the Arts. He currently lives and works in Oakland.

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